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La Petite in blue

La Petite in blue

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This beautiful and classy handbag has been crafted with bleu “itálico” Veg tanned leather from Tuscany and Summer bleu American alligator, Italian hardware and a luxurious dark green suede lining with inside pocket and alligator accents.

size: 22cm x 6cm x 16cm

100 % handmade and hand stitched in Canada 🍁 

Care Instructions

1- When exposed to the elements, your leather may experience deterioration and/or discoloration. UV rays and heat may cause the leather to dry out and crack. If your leather good gets wet, it is imperative to let it air dry naturally, do not use any artificial heat such as a blow dryer as it will only accentuate any damage.

​2- Please clean your leather piece regularly. Using a dry cloth you can remove dust or other dry particules. Using a damp cloth you can remove dirt or grime, be careful not all leather are suitable to be cleaned in this manner. Avoid harsh detergents, instead use a mild natural cleanser a couple of times a year  to give your leather a deeper clean. Always remember when using a product for the first time to test it on a small inconspicuous area, apply gently and in circular motions with a soft cloth and remove any residue afterwards. If extra protection is desired, apply a waterproof coat once a year to enhance the water resistance of your item.

3- Please don't over stuff your leather accessories. We highly recommend to refrain yourself from inserting more than one card by slot, specially with delicate and thin leathers. Otherwise you risk to overstretch the leather and warp the item as a whole, therefore deforming the piece. Since Leather stretches over time, if you stuff two or more card per slot, the leather will stretch and once you take one card out the remaining cards will have more room therefore risking falling.

​4- We recommend not putting your leather in the same pocket as your keys or any sharp object as this could scratch and damage your accessories.

PLEASE and this is a very big PLEASE , don't put your wallet or card holder on your back pocket and sit on it as the pressure and weight will permanently damage your leather accessories. As an alternative, keep your leather piece on the front pocket or your jacket pocket.

​4- When storing your leather goods, keep them away from humidity and direct sunlight inside a dust bag at room temperature.


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